At Amber Estate, quality begins on the farms.  Our supplying farms are selected by their rigid adherence to strict farm quality control, proximate farm location and implementation of green bean quality control guidelines of the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.

Our seedlings are carefully selected to ensure that only the best planting material is used. Our coffee is sun-ripened on the slopes of the Jamaica Blue Mountain range, and hand-selected by trained reapers so that only the best cherry red coffee is removed. This ensures that immature beans of inferior quality are not mixed with high quality mature beans.

Our coffee berries are then pre-floated before dispatch to the Pulpery where the processing begins under the guidance and control of the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board Quality.

Quality does not end there, as at AMBER ESTATE, we further select these beans and roast, in small batches, only the very best which pass the tests of the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board and our own panel of cuppers.

We roast to order and ship as soon as possible after packaging to ensure that the consumer receives the freshest product possible. Our packaging is the best available and we ensure that our coffee packages are nitrogen flushed and vacuum-sealed to further preserve freshness.


Our Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is renowned as the world's finest by coffee drinkers everywhere and our coffee quality standards are emulated by other producing countries.

Our Guarantee

Our coffee is origin roasted. We roast and package all of our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica where Jamaican law prohibits the importation of green coffee by our roaster.

We do not blend our coffee with any other coffee. We guarantee 100% AMBER ESTATE JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE in every package bearing that name.

We use only the best available Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans and roast only to order. Our product will be delivered within the shortest possible time after roasting.  

Amber Estate - Coffee Of Choice!

Amber Estate coffee was the 'Estate Coffee of Choice' at the 2007 Specialty Coffee Association of Japan show in Tokyo, Japan.

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